The Friendship Irish Dance Center at 1944/1946 South Quebec St in Denver is a state-of-the-art studio complex.  Although owned by the company that owns the Bennett School, it hosts classes for three Irish dance schools and one jazz/tap/ballet school.  As such, it may be unique in the world as a place where rival Irish dance schools can get along harmoniously.

  The facility includes 2500 square feet of studios with floating wooden floors topped with Rosco Performance flooring which provides just the right combination of "slip and grip" for Irish dancing while being able to stand up to the pounding of hard-shoe dancing.  (See  Each studio has a complete wall of mirrors as well as adjustable-height ballet barres and a multimedia sound system.

  The Center also has a 575-sq-ft air-conditioned waiting room for dancers and family members, complete with vending machines for sodas and snacks.  There is even a table and chairs for doing homework or eating meals.  Dressing rooms for ladies and gents are provided; the ladies’ has lockers available (sorry, gents!) 

  The Irish Butterfly, Colorado’s only full-time store for Irish dancing shoes and accessories, is located in the complex for the convenience of the dancers who use the facility.


Friendship Irish Dance Center

“These are the best floors I’ve ever danced on in my life!”  Aisling Tule,

lead dancer with Lord of the Dance, Dec 2001

“None of the California schools has anything like this facility.”  Laura

Masters, visiting adjudicator, June 2002