The Bennett School does not charge a registration fee.  Please call or e-mail if you'd like to sign up for classes.  Beginning Irish dancers normally start in an Intro/Basics class.  New dancers under the age of 6 start in a Young Dancers class, which has a curriculum tailored to the physical capabilities and attention span of preschoolers.

Students in regular classes need to bring an exercise mat and a water bottle with them to class, both of which can be purchased at a local Target or Wal-Mart store.  There is no special clothing required for class - any suitable exercise clothing is fine.  In cooler weather, dancers should dress in layers so they can adjust.  Special shoes are not required for beginning students. Once you advance out of the Intro/Basics class, you will probably want to purchase gillies (for ladies) or jazz shoes (for gentlemen).  The Irish Butterfly, located inside the Friendship Irish Dance Center, carries a selection of shoes to meet the needs of every Irish Dancer.

Getting Started

Observing/Trying out a Class: If you're unsure about signing up to dance with us, you're welcome to try out a class without having to pay tuition. You can also observe a class if you'd like. Please make arrangements with Molly, Libby or Bill.

Competitions and Performances: We compete as a school in the six Colorado feiseanna (that's the plural of "feis", the name of a local competition) and perform in more than 40 shows per year. Participation in these is not required but you're welcome to participate as soon as you've learned at least one dance up to speed. Consult Molly about your readiness to participate.

Make-up Policy: If you have to miss a class for any reason, or if we cancel class due to weather or other commitments, you're entitled to make up that class. If it will be impossible to make up the class, we'll be glad to adjust your tuition.

Feis-Preparation Classes: Molly can authorize additional classes to help you get ready for a feis. There is no additional tuition for those classes.

School Costumes: For girls and women, there are three options for a Bennett School dress: you can borrow a school-owned dress with a $50 refundable damage deposit, you can purchase a dress in that style, or you can purchase a more elaborate second-generation dress from It's Knotwork to Me. You have to supply your own long-sleeved white blouse, socks and shoes. For boys and men, the costume is a long-sleeved white shirt and black trousers. Cummerbunds may be available - talk to Molly or Libby about them.

If you'd like a copy of these policies for your records, you can find a printer friendly version here.

School Policies